Wallpaper Designs You Can Count On

Classic Luxury is born from the fusion of a beautifully adorned table with the grace of Roman arches. Folklore style playfully reimagines Swedish folk art, while the third style, Healing Nature, centres around sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship against a calming green backdrop.

Classic Luxury

Gracefulness takes on a fresh, modern, and open atmosphere. In the global Classic Luxury style, we embark on a journey to rediscover antiquity with subtle hints of Art Deco. Within this theme, the lavishly adorned table becomes a wellspring of inspiration, adorned with white tablecloths, exquisite crystalware, and silverware, harmonised with the grandeur of Roman arches, Greek pillars, silk drapery, and gilded accents.

Described as "exquisitely extravagant," Classic Luxury emanates elegance in a contemporary and airy setting. Submerged in opulent luxury, we take delight in the diverse fusion of the new and the old, resulting in the creation of distinctive styles.

 The colour palette of Classic Luxury wallpapers is characterized by pale, light, and tender shades, enriched with a hint of luster and gold. Soft terracotta and sweet green tones are also featured, seamlessly complementing darker-wood furniture to perfection.


A fresh perspective on the influence of Swedish folk art heritage emerges with Folklore. As an interior design style, Folklore engages in a playful reinterpretation of tradition, incorporating slightly brighter colours, unexpected pairings, and a blend of motifs.

"Traditions playfully reimagined in slightly brighter colours, unexpected combinations, and mixed motifs."

Drawing inspiration from the Swedish folk art legacy, this style infuses new ideas into symbols, folklore, and traditions. The combination of artisanry and natural materials such as wood and linen is complemented by soft natural shades like dove blue, terracotta red, and linden flower green.

Incorporating slightly brighter colours extends beyond furnishings to include captivating effects on moldings and doors. Patterned wallpaper, boasting gorgeous colours on all four walls, contributes to creating mood-boosting and inspiring interiors.

Healing Nature

Green serves as a symbol of tranquility, embodying qualities of restoration, mindfulness, softness, and gentleness. Healing Nature embodies a sense of honesty and authenticity, paying homage to artisanal textiles, metalwork, and ceramics.

"Nature and lush greenery guide us to playful shades and shapes, both visual and tactile."

Our innate desire for nature and abundant greenery leads us towards embracing playful hues and forms that engage both our visual and tactile senses. Within this trend, green takes centre stage, delivering a calming effect that reduces stress hormones and possesses healing properties.

Additionally, this theme embraces soft natural shades such as mole, sand, and warm neutrals, further contributing to the overall sense of tranquility and well-being.