Wallpaper Trends 2024

On our January visit to a design show in Germany, we were intrigued by the latest colour trends for 2024 that were launched. Whilst these are not always in line with the current trends in South Africa, we thought we would share them with you.
South Africans tend to prefer neutral tones in their homes with splashes of colour here and there. People in different countries really go all out with colour on their walls, ceilings, curtains and of course wallpapers.
The designers for the show presented “New Sensitivity”, a fresh way of considering home textile development. Using plant-based fibre such as jute, seaweed, cactus plants, olive, hemp, and even bananas. Combine this with bio-engineered textiles using proteins, and carbohydrates from natures such as corn, grass, and cane. Technology can support the transformation of textiles through upcycling and recycling. In essence, beautiful homes, and a happier planet.

The new colours combinations were described with keywords such as “Social, warm, subtle, ease, earthly connection, community, Scandinavian Mediterranean, intimate, energy, conversation, bonding, rustic textures, groups, relational, genuine feel, modern, tonal, soft, sensitive”. Quite a selection! The “New Sensitivity” creates themes using earthy colours, think warm and inviting, moving away from the cool tones of grey previously regaled. Inspiration of designs using earthy textures of hemp, and grass.

A dramatic yet subtle colour palette was inspired by natural colours deriving from avocado seeds, algae, living bacteria, antique pigments such as raw sienna, and bio-engineered indigo and cochineal. The high black component in most colours allows for widespread application and a greater variety of combinations. The punchy saturated accents enhance our senses as they lift our spirits. In contrast, the grounding neutrals in different shades of grey, terra, and even dark purple allow for calmness and tranquillity.